Monday, April 20, 2020


I am personally devastated by this loss. We have lost a true artist, lyricist, philosophical poet. It is with the heaviest of hearts to write about an artist ahead of  his time passing. An artist that inspired me to start blogging..... Devastating.


EBOW GRAHAM AKA "METROPOLIS" FOREIGN BEGGARS Has Passed Away... Forming in 2002 Foreign Beggars released 11 albums. Originating out of London , England.  Credited labels include are not limited to Dented, Data , OWSLA, Never Say Die Records. Ebow  a highly respected lyricistwas deeply insightful.  Intellect for educated vocabulary Metropolis never lowered his artistic standard for the sake of industry. Artists with conviction are hard to come by. The world lost a great artist.

Metropolis worked with the likes of Noisia, Skrillex, Bare Noize , Alix Perez, Flux Pavilion, Knife Party & many more.  'I Am Legion' a self - titled collaboration album. "Choosing For You" was an instant hit! Burning up dance floors globally. The album topped Beatport charts in 3 days.

FOREIGN BEGGARS released a statement via Instagram. Please read and donate what you can.
Rest In Bliss. The BellaBassFly community sends our deepest condolences to everyone hurting from this devastating news. Sending love, light & Strength to Ebows' family. 

"Weʼre raising £50,000 to support Ebow's son. Rest In Peace Ebow Enyan Graham 1979 - 2020" 

Pleases contribute to the fundraiser to help support his son Cassius 

Foreign Beggars [UK] – Secret Solstice 2020

"Dear friends, it is with the heaviest heart we inform you that our brother Ebow Enyan Graham suffered from an accident at home, and passed away in the early hours yesterday morning.

Ebow was a deep and peaceful soul, a dedicated and loving father to beautiful 10yr old Cassius, and who touched people with his warmth, insight, talent and generosity everywhere he went.
In his recent years, he had been on a spiritual journey and had really been exploring his relationship with existence and the universe, only last week he was in a very serene and happy place with his life, family and artistic vision. Some of the last words we heard him say were ’The only way humanity will heal is when it understands that we are all Gaia and truly understand we are all one’. These words couldn’t ring truer for us, even in light of his passing. Ebow meant so much to so many people, a true poet and MC, an incredible father, gifted, humble, yet stylish to a T... His legacy lives on through his energy, love and passion, and through his son Cassius.

We feel privileged to have spent most of our 20s and 30s in his company, enjoying life, making music, and travelling the world together. As we process this we find it hard to believe that we will never talk, share a joke, eat together, appreciate music, debate points of view, discuss the world, rock a crowd, or laugh together again.

We have set up a Just Giving account to support the family, and to help towards Cass' future.

Please take a sec to drop something in there as every little bit makes a difference.

With love Pavan, James, Matt, Pravin, Mario & Tuhin"

Pleases contribute to the fundraiser to help support his son Cassius 

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