Monday, January 20, 2020

Koven Release the Next Step to Butterfly Effect

Koven are an eclectic pair and it’s not just their music which has caught the attention of global tastemakers and members of their audience. It’s also the live energy which Katie Koven injects into their DJ sets, whilst bringing her vocal talents into the mix and presenting a package which boasts the ingenuity of both Katie and Max. After debuting ‘Your Pain’ on Monstercat, the esteemed label which is being used as a platform for their sophomore LP ‘Butterfly Effect’, they’re about to reveal a double-sided single again highlighting the host of new music they’ve prepared for 2020. If this next package is anything to go by, it’ll be another climactic year for the duo. 

Set to drop before ‘Butterfly Effect’ at Rampage Festival next year, Koven’s second single ‘Give You Up’ and ‘Followers’ underscores two more sides of the repertoire which Max Koven conjures within their studio space. Alongside Katie’s angelic, yet stadium-geared vocals, Max’s production levels are clear to hear throughout ‘Give You Up’ and its flipside ‘Followers’. Whilst ‘Give You Up’ rolls you back into the drum & bass sphere which Koven are renowned for, especially across the festival circuit, ‘Followers’ switches the tempo once again, taking you into the intricate world of Katie’s humanistic tones. Each track is manufactured for their explosive live presence and they’re two more slabs of musicality, as well as reasons why fans should be anticipating ‘Butterfly Effect’. 

The word ‘unstoppable’ is often thrown about but when looking at Koven’s ascent over the past twelve months, as well as the music that’s already been unleashed from ‘Butterfly Effect’, it's no hyperbole when used to describe Koven. This is going to continue into 2020 and ‘Give You Up’ and ‘Followers’ are just two more testaments to their success.

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