Sunday, January 26, 2020

ARMAJET Original Game Soundtrack by NOISIA! ("Hardskin" Preview) The Ascent (Armajet Main Theme)

ATTN: Pilots! UPDATE 1.11 drops on Friday January 24th, 2020 and will include the all-new Armajet Original Game Soundtrack by NOISIA!

Can't wait? Neither can we! Read more about Update 1.11 and the official release notes, here:🚀 

Armajet is a 4v4 arena shooter with quick three minute rounds! Team up with friends or go solo in this fast-paced action game! Download Armajet: 
 • Armajet is cross-platform, cross-play compatible! Play with your friends across all iOS, Android, and PC devices

• Play Armajet in 120+ FPS capable devices—exactly what you expect from high-octane jetpack deathmatch action

• All new Spectator Mode with more refined camera controls and force-follow functions

See you in the arena, commanders!
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