Sunday, September 8, 2019

Skantia - 'Lights'





Skantia’s output, as well as his exclusive signing to the Ram Records roster, has made him an imperative part of the current drum & bass scene, with recent single ‘Obsidian’ another exhibition of his low-rolling, dancefloor vibes. One of the youngest members of the Ram team, he’s continued on a wave of success and this is something which is set to continue with ‘Lights’.

‘Lights’ begins with a deceptive intro, before its sliced through with footwork-like snares. Skantia’s growling bass edits, which are a common factor of his production, are present throughout and it gives ‘Lights’ an added heaviness, alongside creepy atmospherics.
Skantia makes a return off the back of his Eastern Electrics set in London, where ‘Lights’ did untold damage, offering a twisted sonic slammer to the Ram Records repertoire.

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