Friday, March 8, 2019

Need For Mirrors - 'Reverie'

Need For Mirrors – 'Arp Tune' / 'Reverie'

Released March 8th 2019


Hot on the heels of his recently released ‘Royal Blood’ EP on ProgRAM, plus an exclusive appearance on the Drum & Bass Annual 2019 compilation with ‘Big Pharma,’ it’s time for Need For Mirrors’ full debut release on RAM – due out on March 8th.

‘Arp Tune’ immerses you in the cinematic side of what the Londoner can do as a producer. It’s epic in sound and scale, with a stadium sized feel to it; yet none of the intricacies and delicate touches that that drive it are sacrificed because of that. From the arpeggiated notes to its piano lead line with subtle hints of reverb, ‘Arp Tune’ truly signals Need For Mirrors’ arrival on the label.

Similarly, ‘Reverie’ keeps the theme and tone of its predecessor – orchestral string plucks are underpinned by a pitch-bending distorted synth, which itself is juxtaposed by twinkling melodies. Add in some crisp percussion and breaks and you truly see why ‘Reverie’ sits perfectly beside the lead track.

Both tracks prove that RAM and Need For Mirrors refuse to be defined by what people think they should sound like. Quality is always the first and most important factor and with ‘Arp Tune’ and ‘Reverie,’ we’re graced with two stunning pieces of music.

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