Friday, March 15, 2019

Dabs Releases his 'Wormatic LP' on Dispatch Recordings

Many labels have prided themselves as being specialists within the field of drum & bass, however not all of them can boast the background that Dispatch Recordings have built for themselves throughout its development. They’ve never shaped their sounds or artists to fit any one popular model and have instead shifted their focus to providing music which is ingeniously written, whilst also being engineered for speaker stacks. The output on Dispatch has been continually of a high caliber and difficult to match since the label was first launched, yet they still manage to find artists who fit these standards. Even in recent years, they’ve helped shine a light on many producers who were not only beginning to establish themselves, but also to make these figures become buy-on-sight; whether that’s exemplified through Black Barrel’s ‘Last Frontier’ LP through or the ‘In Life’ EP from Tephra & Arkoze.

Their next concept album comes from Italian maestro Dabs. His tech-funk layered drum & bass has often provided stand-out selections, with his name becoming a staple at parties across the likes of Europe, Australia and South America. The high-energy, technically trained producer has offered up a massive package of tracks to capitalize on Dispatch’s colossal audience. As well as debuting his music on Eatbrain and Horizons, whilst having his own Avantgrade podium which gave him full creative control, he’d already firmly established himself within the back catalogue of Dispatch. With support from title-winning names such as Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical and DJ Hype, his remix of Octane & DLR’s ‘Back in the Grind’ saw him step further into the roster of Dispatch Recordings alongside Cern, after the pair came under the label’s radar in 2010. 


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