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Propa. 'The Intelligent Woman' DJ RAP / Propa Dubs Vol 3 The 'Digable Bass EP' & MORE!

Propa. Every. Single. Time. DJ Rap delivers another outstanding EP! Powerful,  weighty beats, seismic bass. Underground Drum N Bass made fore dancing!  Propa Dubs Vol 3 The 'Digable Bass EP'  
      It is far to easy to get caught up in the virtual non- physical realm. Disconnect to connect. I first heard of DJ RAP on the dance floor.  The music created to inspire an emotion. A feeling so strong it moved you. To the point of uncontrollable perpetual flow, energy, motion. It is not about fitting in. Standing out, letting go. Social media unfortunately has saturated the market with low frequency tracks that  often lack originality tenacity and rhythm.   This thankfully is a different formula.  Fundamentals of underground sound. Soulful. The music exudes spirit. Deliberate. 
         Overcoming many trials in the music industry has proven DJ Raps' tenacity is  a force to be reckoned with. It does not matter where I see her ..... With a performer such as DJ Rap there will be no standing around when DJ Rap is on the decks. Aside from the fact that she is an amazing performer her work ethic is  like none other. Her consistent interaction with her fans, authenticity, and overall sweet demeanor means she is adored. An Educator, producer, and now author  DJ Rap is making sure she builds a legacy to last generations.  DJ Raps' book 'Intelligent Woman ' is out now! Follow the link below.  DJ Rap and I talk shop, Propa Dubs Vol 3 The 'Digable Bass EP' , her intelligent Woman book and more! Scroll below and check out the interview below! Make sure to follow the links  and order your copy of the book and EP today!

Propa Dubs Vol 3 The 'Digable Bass EP' with 4 cuts. Order UR signed copy NOW!

1) How has drum & bass influenced your life? 

That's a great question, I could not imagine what my life would be like without it honestly. It is the biggest relationship in my life. I live, breathe and dream music, so for me, there is no other life, it's that deep. Probably not healthy, but it's too late now, as it has it's hooks in me deep.

2) What is it like being a woman in drum & bass? Educator? Author?  

I think it's hard whatever gender, you have to have a certain tenacity to truly do this and real skill and patience. I don't feel talent has gender.  I'm in it for the music.

3) How has dnb evolved over the past 5 years? 

It's more diverse, I can produce what I want now without getting shit for it, 15 years ago the music I made was considered too out of the box. Thankfully, that has changed, so I feel it's a great time for producers like myself who are original. Many records sound the same, which means it's easy to stand out!  Overall, I would say it's better than ever though....very healthy and im loving it!

4) Pet peeve in the industry? 

Oh God...why did you ask that LMFAO! People that use you, people that steal and lack originality, people that make it with no talent but only because they have a big agent, basically fake twats that can't operate a hairdryer. People that think they have the right to rip your music off. Shall I go on?

5) What has been the most rewarding aspect of your career this far? 

I'm still alive, I'm still in it, the fact that people are still interested, that's pretty amazing after 25 years. I'm in love with this music. that is my reward.

6) How has touring influenced your music? 

You produce what you want to play, so it does affect it. I want to make records that not only make you dance but make me dance as well.

7) What is your favorite venue?

The ones with the best sound systems. I've played at too many great places to name them, but Fabric back in the day and AWOL at the paradise club.

8) What would you say your "Craziest" experience was on tour?

Shameless plug, but, for that it's best to read my book 'Intelligent Woman for that one, sorry, but there are too many stories! I live a very full life. (

9) Advice for breaking into the music industry? 

I have a course that I created that answers all these questions....  click 'courses'.  One word, ' Produce'

10) Who are you listening to currently? 

Everybody, Hospital records, the usual great producers, and there are so many. No neuro I can't stand that stuff anymore, and nothing with elephants in it lol

11) What can fans look out for in the coming months? 

There is alot, if you go to news or tour you'll see some amazing festivals, boomtown, Outlook, Jungledam to name a few that I am so stoked to perform at. I'm about to go on tour for a month in March and also some personal traveling to France and Spain, lots of time in the studio, watch out for some amazing music coming your way. Propa Dubs 3 is out now and if that sells, I'll do another. We will see, I never take it for granted.

12) If you had a time capsule to leave behind for future generations what music would you choose?

Everything on both my labels, Propa Talent (drum and bass) and Impropa Talent, (House) that is my legacy and it spans decades, so there is something for everyone.

13) Who are your most admired artists? 

I admire anyone who is consistent with the quality of their music.  Let me try to name my fav tracks &producers that influenced me hugely, french kiss (Lil Louis), Plump DJs, (scram) Bukem, (music) Roni Size,(all tracks) Mark Knight (tech house God) The prodigy (they are gods) Moby. Nine-inch nails Radiohead Coldplay and Nirvana.

14) What are your top picks from your personal library? 

Spiritual Aura, Good To Be Alive, Angels and demons, Learning Curve, (whole album) synthesis (whole album), and Darkwave my techno music on Impropa Talent.

15) Is there anyone you want to collaborate with? Who?

All the above lol. Already answered.
Thank you to everyone for all the love and support, I truly appreciate you all! Luv&Bass DJ Rap

Spiritual Aura

 Good To Be Alive

15) Is there anyone you want to collaborate with? Who?

All the above lol. Already answered.
Thank you to everyone for all the love and support, I truly appreciate you all! Luv&Bass DJ Rap

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