Friday, January 4, 2019

Charlotte Adigéry - Paténipat (Official Video)

DEEWEE029 (single) ‘Paténipat’ is out now.

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Today Adigéry reveals the EP’s first single and opening track ‘Paténipat’. Explaining the ethos behind the track she says: “If in life you feel tired and hopeless, throw out all the stuff that don’t matter in the end. Dance until you’re dizzy. Be your naked and uncompromising self.”

With her new EP Zandoli, Belgian-Caribbean artist Charlotte Adigéry proves herself to be a consummate storyteller. Sometimes patently silly, sometimes deeply introspective, Adigéry’s ever-wandering mind spins tales that are absurd and poignant and ridiculously fun.
Having been taught the ropes by her Martinique-born mother –namely rhythm’s relationship to musicality and the importance of a sense of humour– Adigéry is a persuasive young artist who can sing about lizards one moment and latex the next.

In the studio Adigéry is joined by collaborator Bolis Pupul, a descendant of the first and only wave of Chinese immigration to Martinique. After matching on Tinder the pair began to explore their shared histories, resulting in heart-to-heart confessions that seep through the songs of Zandoli.

“Since working on our first EP, Bolis and I have become best friends,” Adigéry says. “And this record is the product of our love.”

Recorded, produced and mixed at DEEWEE
Painting by Joëlle Dubois
Art Direction: Ill-Studio.

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Director : Joaquim Bayle
Editor : Joaquim Bayle
Producer : Jarri Van Der Haegen
Line producer & producer manager : Clément Vanpeper-straete
Director assistant : Johanna Makabi
Director of photography : Clément Gérard
1st Camera assistant : Eudes Quitellier
Art director : Elise Deram
Assistant art director : Charlie Bouffart
Set painter : Chris Monpongo
Costume designer : Maame Nsiah
Hair stylist : Thierry Do Nascimento
Gaffer : Angelo Marques
Spark : Pauline Soleil
Spark : Burbaud Nicolas
Set Photographer : Florian Debray
Rental House : Buffaloc

Ellen Rajala
Alix Higgins
Elodie Gervaise
Chris Monpongo
Raphael germain
Sarah Rhouzlane
Alicia Poirier
Anais Poirier
Sarah Tahri

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