Monday, December 17, 2018

Mandragora - Center of the Universe (Freedom Fighters Remix)

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Iboga Records is proud to present a Freedom Fighters remix of Mandragora's 'Center of the Universe'. Smooth production, meticulously arranged soundscapes and soulful melody give this track a pure and glossy finish, inviting us into the realm of that which cannot be grasped with the mind, only felt with the heart.

"And your soul needs exploration and growth. And they only way you'll get it, is by forcing yourself to be uncomfortable."

Mandragora - Center of the Universe (Freedom Fighters Remix), Released 2018-12-10, Iboga Records, IBOGADIGITAL484

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Managed by the two Danish DJs Emok & Banel since the mid nineties, Iboga Records today are considered the leading label of the global progressive and trance scene. Not limiting itself to one specific genre, the label has been responsible for hundreds of releases in a broad spectrum of electronic music. The main genres being Psy-trance, Techno and Downbeat Electronica. The label has built through the years a strong reputation as a quality brand, housing some of the leading artists of its genre, like Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Perfect Stranger, Captain Hook, Ticon, Son Kite and many others.

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