Monday, December 31, 2018

Krewella - 2018 Recap

Happy New Year to our beloved Krew! I know it seemed like a quiet year for us in the sense that we didn't release much music. But we decided to be patient with our creative process in the studio and re-discover why we love creating so much in the first place, along with embarking on some spiritual journeys and soul searching, and just having fun doing stuff outside music too. Nevertheless, you guys still showed the fuck up whether it was support online or coming to shows we had all around the world. If there's one thing we really felt in 2018, it was this forcefield of energy amongst our fans on a global scale...that intangible force of the #GlobalKrew that flows across across borders, bandwidths, and bodies of water. From North America, to Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, China, Pakistan, India, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Spain, Russia, Germany, France, & Belgium, and beyond, thank you for making 2018 such a rich cultural experience for us. We are grateful everyday that you allow us to travel this world, it opens our mind and inspires us to continue CREATING!

love, jahan & yasmine.

📹 Warren Manegan

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