Monday, November 19, 2018

E-Mov & Quantum ft. Keren - Takitadhina [Video Clip]


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E-Mov & Quantum ft. Keren - Takitadhina, release date on 19.11.2018. by Dacru Records - DCREP096
Following the succes of the previous single 'Maha Mantra', E-Mov and Quantum team up once again to bring an India inspired tribal journey. In good tradition Keren provides a guiding voice.

Video by Hatab Production

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Dacru Records is a Belgian psytrance label. The label boosts a strong selection of artists, from major names with a 20 year career under the belt to younger promising talents. The rosters includes names like U-Recken, Talamasca, DigiCult, Spirit Architect, Tropical Bleyage, Bitkit, E-Mov, Electric Universe, Aquila, Overdrive, A-Tech, Transient Disorder and more. The aim is to release timeless music with a strong emphasis on the psychedelic and melodic.
Besides being a record label Dacru has also been making a name as event promoter with over 80 events since 2001, that’s a whole of a lot of experience that goes into organizing quality productions. The events have taken place all over Belgium, from The Netherlands to Germany and even in exotic places as Thailand and include big and small indoor events, open air festivals, bus trips, 11 day pop up clubs and more. Some of the party lines include Organic Dreams, Tribal Roots, After Sunrise and Nova’s Incident open air.

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