Thursday, August 16, 2018

Kid D - Authentic Expressions LP - ft. Kyze, Dotty, Ghetts, Tigz and More


‘Authentic Expressions’ from Kid D is the groundbreaking new LP from a producer who’s spent years perfecting his artistry. Growing up in South East London, Kid D drew from his surroundings to create a sonic rendition of his experiences in one of the world’s creative capitals. His profound vision and versatile styles lead him to producing singles alongside the likes of WileySkepta,Ghetts and Devlin, as well as a host of other lyricists who’ve pioneered one of the UK’s biggest genre exports. Although his original aim was always to elevate the grime scene with his distinctive signature, one which began solidly forming after his first vinyl release in 2006 – which has resulted over ten years later in his biggest project to date.

Kid D’s forthcoming album is due to be released through his own imprint ‘2 Easy Records’, which has already received worldwide recognition, with fan bases ranging as far as the USAJapan,CanadaGhana and Jamaica. It seemed like the perfect way for a producer to release his brand new LP, especially one who’s always strived to have full control over his musical processes and this can be seen through the sheer talent exposed by ‘Authentic Expressions’.

From the album’s lead single ‘Wavin’ featuring Max Rock, to the stunning instrumentals of records such as ‘Roll the Dice’‘My Essence’ and ‘Uplift’‘Authentic Expressions’ is a full spectrum look at what Kid D has been honing in solitude. There are also more raucous offerings amongst its track listing, including the collaboration with Ghetts ‘Illusion’, which utilises the MC’s crooning vocals amongst Kid D’s intricate layering. The rumbling bass and snipped up vocal samples of ‘What I Do For You’ alongside the emotive words of Dotty on ‘Silent Pain’ only add to the album’s versatility.Kyze and Tigz also add their own stark lyricism, proving Kid D’s scope within the grime world as he pulls through an A-list selection of artists. With tracks like ‘Jet Pack’ already receiving spins on tastemaker Sir Spyro’s show on BBC Radio 1xtra, it’s maintained a plethora of support from the scene’s greats. Although this can only be expected for an artist who’s commitment to the underground has resulted in such a pivotal release on his own trademark.

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