Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Xilent-Choose Me (Amazing Video Clip) (Dubstep) (HD)

Outstanding Animation !!! XILANT - CHOOSE ME ...Coupled with an amazing video clip ! The morphing of lights to dark and the freeing flight of neon bursts !<3<3<3

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Set Fire To Everybody (Dubstep) - Final Fantasy AMV

This Final Fantasy video Is amazing! I love the music And the digital art is over the top ! A Final Fantasy !

☆Bruce Lee Dubstep || iNR Dubstep || REMiX (HD) 2011☆

Saturday, November 26, 2011



Historic Webster Theater Hartford,Ct. Hosts ZEDS DEAD , LAZY RICH , & AK 1200 ! The venue was pretty full and more than 250 people made there way out last night to catch the show ! The Webster Theater accommodated all attendees comfortably ...The show was only until 2 a.m. Forcing party goers to step out early . Attendance was high promising Hartford's new scene emerging once again ... Events are still a long way from being as large or as frequent as in the past but none the less DUB NATION Hartford is very much alive & committed to seeing this through ! The new generation of Dub Step is not going away ! Wether you like it or not filthy Dub Step is on the up & up ! The numbers speak for themselves Bella Bass Fly can only speculate on who Dub Nation will book next. Time will tell ....we'll keep you posted!!'

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cpn & Kaktus-Breaking Feets (HD)

Cpn & KAKTUS - BREAKING FEETS...dope break beat...I cannot get enough ! I love the track more than the dancing but both are righteous to say the least!

Dabruck & Klein - 2:48 AM (Official Music Video)

DABRUCK & KLIEN -2:48 AM OFFICIAL ...Tripped out time gears! Funky!

Gran Turismo 5 DLC Intro (Ultimate Trailer Montage)

GRAND TURISMO 5 DLC INTRO ( ULTIMATE TRAILER MONTAGE ...Dope video ! If you love fast cars , music and visual bliss then bucle up ! This video shows just how addictive the need for speed can be ! I'll take the videos over the real thing ....Safer !

Cutline - Runnin' (Ft. Belle Humble) (Official Video)

CUTLINE - RUNNIN'...While your on your way to grandmas house this Thanksgiving don't forget you always have BELLA BASS FLY in your pocket @ ALL TIMES!!!

Available to pre-order now (Released Sunday):

Released on Pilot Recordings.

With the slow and grinding dubstep symphony that is Cutline's Runnin', flanked on this hard-hitting EP by an extended version, a VIP mix and a firing drum & bass remix from acclaimed producer Rollz, Pilot's first release is one colossal statement of intent. The spine-straightening vocals of vastly talented bass music vocalist du jour Belle Humble lift over powerfully mechanised bass stabs, dropping the track into a shower of trance synths for an otherworldly breakdown. The tightly controlled drama of this track, from the distorted pitch-shifted vocals to the drop's grinding, apocalyptic intensity threatens that Runnin' will be THE most dangerous bass-heavy track of 2011. 

Download four free cutline tracks:
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BCee - Chameleon (Official Video)

BCEE - CHEMELEON (OFFICIAL VIDEO ) ...Low key groovy dub step !

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[DNBVC] Bad Minds - Navigator (Feat SMK) Produced by Erb n Dub

DNBVC BAD MINDS -NAVIGATOR (FEAT SMK ) ...Tight sound ! Obviously another hot sound from a very talented group like I said ...Keep it coming !!!

[DNBVC] Kombo & Mekar - Quality Controlled

KOMBO & MEKAR -QUALITY CONTROLLED ... New video by BELLA BASS FLY member KOMBO & MEKAR ...The last track with Kombo & Shaydee was almost reminiscent of classic HELTA SKELTA ! This DNB track is hot jumpstep for the masses !!! It's starting to look like it the TBT crew is here to stay ! The Tour Bus Team is on the move and are not letting up ! I meet rappers everyday ....It's great that you rap but, very few Mc's are taking strides towards their goals . These lyricists are taking the game serious ! Thanks ! Keep em' coming !

Tantrum Desire - Reach (Official Video)

TANTRUM DESIRE -REACH ...Like you can't get enough !!!!this track is the BeRRies ! Love that classic siren wail , DNB !

Yolanda Be Cool Feat. Crystal Waters - Le Bump (Official Video)


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paint My Wings

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wretch 32 ft Etta Bond - 'Forgiveness' (Official Video) (Out 11.12.11)

WRETCH 32 ft.ETTA BOND - FORGIVENESS ... WRETCH is dominating the game !!! Excuse me my friend , I don't remember who I am!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hyper - My World (Official Video)

HYPER-MY WORLD OFFICIAL VIDEO ...Hyper when it comes to this sound! Let us not forget where things originated...Hot track!!!!

Hyper returns to the fold with an almighty bang this November with 'My World' featuring vocals from Dread MC and Genesis Elijah. This is the second single form the critically acclaimed 2011 album 'The Panic.' With remixes that will blow previous entries out of the water, we'd be lying if we said we weren't EXTREMELY excited!

As a hugely talented producer, remixer, DJ, label boss and composer Hyper has excelled building a loyal and global fanbase as well as commanding huge respect from his peers. Having shot into the consciousness of almost every dance head and aficionado ten years ago with the eponymous Y3K compilation series, he has since released two critically acclaimed albums, remixed everyone from Foals to Futureheads, Pink to Paul Van Dyke and released some of the biggest compilation series' over the last decade.

The original mix is huge. Processed guitar's power over precision drum-break edits, chunky synth lines whir and buzz and slabs of sub bass hold the foundation tight below the guttural bars of Dread MC and Genesis Elijah.

Release date: 21th Nov 2011

Taken from the album "The Panic", out now on Distinctive Records.

(P) & (C) Distinctive Records 2011

Music Video by Captcha thereof

Axi - Headquarters HD (Marvel Madness music vid)

AXI-HEADQUARTERS HD MARVEL MADNESS VIDEO ..Oldie but goody !!!!!!! The track on this is insane!

Travesty Live 4 - Part 1

TRAVESTY LIVE 4- PART 1... excellent minimal break beat ! 30 minute mix ...Well done.


PULSE MUZIK- AUDIO-VISUAL MIX HD DUBSTEP... High quality video , fullof sik transformations !

Unquote - Reverberation Box *OFFICIAL VIDEO*

UNQUOTE-REVERBRATION BOX...Back to the fundamentals of illustration. This is a great minimal track with hypnotic vocals . Enjoyable & relaxing.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Immortals Movie vs EPIC Orchestral Dubstep

ORCHESTRAL DUBSTEP IMMORTALS REMIX TRAILER .....No this is not the same trailer as bfeore , I think I like this one the best !

DNB VIDEO: Aeph & Maize - Rebirth

AEPH & MAIZE - REBIRTH ...Certainly not a new track or video by any means . beautifully mastered and a dope track ....I'll never grow tired of combinations like this !

T-Pain - 5 O'Clock ft. Wiz Khalifa, Lily Allen (Music video - Acoustic)

T-PAIN 5 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING ..ACOUSTIC COVER.....Outstanding vocals , sometimes you just know. After looking at all the different mixes of this track I have realized not too many quality Dj's have got a hold of it yet. Until we can track down a better remix cut , we'll have to sway to this version for now!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011